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It is a happiness to use daily textile products made from cotton. These are pleasant to touch, resistant, they not irritate our delicate skin and offer us a greater comfort.

But what is the cotton? The cotton is a natural fibre and it is made from cotton plant. It represents one of the oldest fibres cultivated by humans and this aspect can be observed trough the artifacts recovered from archaeological sites over the world.

As a plant, the cotton fits with mallow family and it produces fluffy and delicated flowers. Actually, the cotton fibres are obtained from the capsules of cotton plant. There are 2-6 seeds and the fibres are linked to them. The development of fibres takes until 60 days from the moment of shaking the flower, when the primary wall thickens and
is formed the secondary wall made from concentric cellulose blades. At maturity, the capsules open and the cotton should be harvested.

The cotton harvesting can be done manual, mechanical or pneumatic and then it goes trough some specific procedures of extracting fibres. While one fibre is not so strong, when more undulating fibres are stretched and twisted together, they form one powerful and smooth thread, which can easily be knitted, woven or painted. The fibres are used to make soft and delicate tissues, which allow the skin to breathe.

What do we offer you with a lot of cotton? Bed sheets …With cotton bed sheets you have a better sleeping time because it keeps the warm, absorbs the moisture, allows the skin to breathe and to remain dry. Even they are a little bit expensive, you have to think how difficult is to cultivate and to extract the fibres from a little cotton plant. They cover their costs over the time through resistance, convenience and the ease of keeping (washing up, ironing).

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