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What is impossible? …..To buy NEW, cheap and quality textile products.

The price difference between textile products with same destination is due to some factors.

First of all we have the quality of tissue used and we are reffering to:

  • the type of fibre (natural, synthetic or both) which was used for making the tissue. A natural thread will be always more expensive because it involves effort and production time which is correlated with the life cycle of a plant (cotton) or a creature (silk-worm for silk, sheep for wool, goat for kashmir, etc.). Even these threads are more expensive, they offer a higher quality for tissue which means comfort for customer’s skin.
  • the density of thread which is measured in grams/square feet. A tissue with a bigger density of fibres/square feet is definitely better and more resistant over the time.

Secondly we have the type of paint (organic or synthetic) which is used for print and it can have a lesser or a bigger fastening degree.

After we choose the tissue, it follows all specific procedures for art of sewing and finishing, which guarantee the aspcet of textile product and the workforce used in manufacturing process.

And finally we get to the final price.

When some textile products (like bed sheets) have a small price (like …8 euros), it is really important to ask ourselves why it is so small, because even how much the producer wants to sell it, he can not ignore all the outgoings generated after making it. A small price can not express quality. A small price express a bad quality tissue, bad quality sewing procedures or workforce exploitation.

So, if you want a good thing and a fair trade, think twice, ask one hundred times and buy only once.

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