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Sustainable development, environment protection, waste management…there are so many goals that we establish, we are driven much more or much less by the need called EU and also by our level of maturity for understanding things and the effects of actions taken for our personal or professional life.

In this context it is really easy to look backward to our ancestors, to see what behaviour they had and why they let us as legacy this functional and honest nature, to look at the world today and the modernity imposed by the diversity of deals, and with our intelligence to combine every single information and to resort to extremely facile solutions…

As an example, today we will discover the jute products…an 100% biodegradable product, which can take thousands of shapes, as the image and likeness of who create and promote them.

Of course we promote these types of products because we believe in them and also because we have the possibility to give them the shape, the colour, the size and the personalization you need, in order to exploit the extraordinary potential of this type of material – jute.

So, let’s see some ideas for jute products, that you can easily put in practice (especially that we are here with you – www.ateliercusuflet.ro):

  • a fashion accessory – Given the fact that the jute can be used to make bags with different shapes, with applications or paints able to express your personality and condition, this product can easily replace any bag and you can combine it with any lightweight outfit (for city, beach, day or night, summer, autumn or winter). Because they are flexible and roomy, with zipper, flap or padded, you can take them to a beach day or a night out with friends. Given the fact that it has a good resistance, the jute bag can become a good replacement for plastic bag from supermarket and the transport of any products will be a pleasure even the distance is a short one…until the parking lot.
  • a small personal warehouse – The jute can be used to make stands/pouches for big or small objects, ensuring a safe storage, framed in the ambient workspace. In this way the bean, the dry plants for tea, the laundry tongs, the kid toys or anything we have in our house, they will stay ordered and airy in a safe place.
  • a cute gift wrapper – Replacing the normal gift wrapper with a jute gift wrapper, eventually customized with the name of a person or maybe with the advice that you want to share with, can make a big difference for the whole year.
  • customizing identity of your products – A jar of jam…a pair of shoes…a leather bag…an agenda…etc. can always be dressed in clothes of traditional and biodegradable jute, capturing in this way the attention of customers and offering unicity to your products.
    …and the ideas can continue.

The point is that we have the jute and material resources which help us to turn your idea into reality and it is enough to contact us.
Be pro Biodegradable because The Nature will love you and your great-grandchildren will mention you !

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